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't keep going to the emergency room. >> reporter: you can see how crowded it is inside. doctors tell us that it's like this every day. they see about 2,000 patients every year. >> most important is how many patients you see every day. how many patients you are able to see every day. >> reporter: dr. meani sees 830 sees -- 80 patients every day. >> if you're in the emergency room, you hope that the person next to you does have an emergency and not something that could have been prevented at a doctor's office. >> reporter: an imagie who lives around the corner is the first in line. >> i'm going to really like it and enjoy it. >> reporter: la clinica is set to open with one doctor for 20 hours a week. they hope to expand. >>> president obama placed blame -- >> we also know that he had direct links. was paid by and directed by individuals in the iranian government. >> reporter: the president went on to say that someone in the iranian government should be held accountable for the plot. >>> president obama is heading back to the bay area as part of a swing through three western states. he's e
power so they everyone rigged up a panel source to charge up their cell phones. >> if they move us, we will move to the curb and there will be many many many more of us. >> reporter: in the grand scheme of things this protest is small. just limited to five tents and they did that on purpose to appease the city. they say now that city officials are making it worse by bringing in the police. reporting live from city hall, janine de la vega. >>> protesters are also rallying, members of occupy san francisco say things are going smoothly after police broke up their encampment yesterday. >>> good news about the nation's job market and signs of life right here in the bay area that things may be getting better. >>> we are following a large protest in san francisco. we are showing you a live picture from powell street where hundreds of people are on the move. we're heading toward union square. we are seeing them walking along the street. a live shot here from news chopper 2. this demonstration started about 90 minutes ago with anti war speechs in front seat of the federal building to mark the t
inside the church service and joins us live with this exclusive report. >> reporter: ken it's all a real surreal. this is the cemetery where tausan was shot and killed today tausan was buried on the hillside where the sun just set while hundreds of hell's angels and police watched. as itnost often the word "hell" is accepted and used with such affection in a church. but then hell's angels member steve tausan was no ordinary guy. >> steve was a believer. >> reporter: channel 2 was the only news crew allowed in the church as hundreds turned out to say goodbye to a monwho was a walking contradiction. his pastors and friends describe him as a bigger than life presence and a big heart to match. >> if he didn't like you, you knew right away and if he liked you, he loved you like family. >> reporter: tausan was attending the burial of another hell's angel member when he was shot to death at the gravesite, allegedly by a rival motorcycle member. they accompanied tausan to the same cemetery where he died. a beefed up force of san josi police kept watch in case of retaliation. >> it wasn't beyo
woman survived. >> we found some of the parties ejected or partially ejected, which tells us as collision investigators that they were improperly restrained inside the car. >> reporter: this early morning accident happened on the 98th avenue off-ramp from 880 in oakland. investigators say this car was traveling fast when it lost control on the curve and if it you look closely, you can see it was split into two pieces. san leandro police say they were chasing this car when the crash happened. they say an officer saw the car driving erratically through the parking lot of this food max store and tried to pull the driver over, but the car took off and police pursued. after the crash, investigators searched the car. >> we did find some beverage containers for alcoholic beverages, however we do not know if impairment is an issue. >> reporter: investigators say the three people killed were a 27-year-old man, a 29-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman. the woman who survived the crash was taken to highland hospital in oakland with life- threatening injuries. and san leandro police te
fine. >> there is nothing banning us from carrying unloaded lawn guns. the movement is not going anywhere. >> reporter: the law has been a hot political issue for years. >> when you have folks bringing this much fire power into restaurants like they have been doing, it puts the community at risk that there could be an accident or incident. >> if somebody is going to attack you you should be able to defend yourself. >> they applauded governor jerry brown for banning the law. many carry their gun on 1 hip and the bullets on the other. customers say it makes them uneasy. >> it didn't make me all that uncomfortable. >> there are angry people who will take out, react in situations. >> reporter: they expect to go to court in the hopes of striking down the latest ban. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> governor jerry brown cleared 100 bims from the desk. one bill bans buying alcohol at check out lane. it was a union effort aimed at fresh and easy stores. supporters say the law will help keep alcohol out of the hands of minors and he vetoes laws, including one having auth
issued in the bay area. starts at 11:00 tonight. that's a big deal for us early in the afternoon. we're going to go to ken pritchett. he has rain coming downright now. he has snow on the ground. >> well, that's right but the snow is way up at the top and it's left over from last year. they had snow up at the top of squall valley. if you look at the base here you can see there's no snow there. it's brown and green but come tomorrow morning it's very likely that we will see at least some of this space or all of it covered with snow. the base of the mountain is barren now but that soon will change as optimism for another ski season runs high. >> we think it's a good sign, the snow is coming early and we're hoping for an opening day in late november. >> reporter: the resort says 811-inches fell last year. >> we broke every record in the books. we were skying on the fourth of july and a lot of us are itching to get out there, we're hoping for another one of those. >> reporter: caltrans is gearing up. >> we're going to 24 hour shifts tonight and we've got more people coming on the way up a
the focus of a three hour man hunt. about 30 hours ago the santa clara sheriff's department gave us this surveillance video shows a gun toting almond and confirmed two investigators he was in the homestead area. it led to a massive search culminates this morning when three sheriff's deputies saw almond crouched behind a car. >> they saw the suspect and they fired. we believe he displayed the firearm in a threatening manner. >>> a woman carrying a baby was one of several family members who lived at the house. one said they did not know almond but they alerted homeowners that the suspect was in their driveway. >> we figured it was gone at this point. i'm more relieved now. i'm sure my wife is even more relieved. >> reporter: the suspect's death will make it difficult to find out what he did after leaving the lee high plant and how he illuded the search. >> we will continue to talk to neighbors, to friends, to acquaintances. >> reporter: back live you can see activity still going on. public safety is now investigating this as an officer involved shooting case. live in sunny vale, rober
together in a matter which simply doesn't fit. >> reporter: district attorney george gascon told us the case is not an appropriate one for his office to seek the death penalty. prosecutors say a seventh suspect is wanted on murder charges but is still at large. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu. >>> two teenagers were hurt and a driver is in serious condition after an accident late this afternoon near san leandro high school. police say a woman was driving on bancroft avenue when she hit the two teens. her car then jumped the curve and hit a tree. the woman may have had some type of seizure or another medical problem. the teens injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >>> today crossing guards were helping students cross the street. guards will be present from 2:00 to 4:30 every school day in the afternoon. the district along with police and the public works department will offer their safety recommendations at tuesday's city council meeting. >>> a disabled man who was badly hurt in a fire in vallejo has now died. it's a story we first brought you live
in the area were also on lock down and officials tell us they are still deciding whether to reopen for classes tomorrow. after police identified shareff allman as the suspected we found a 10:00 news report from march 2000 about a town hall meeting on racial profile. he accounted his experience. >> what made me afraid, was it my color? i wasn't sure. the problem with the police, they don't know us and we don't know them. >> viewers also might recognize him as the coast of real to real on create tv. >>> leaders in the south bay who know shareff allman said their heart broke by all the violence. >> i think something horribly went wrong for him to snatch like this. we are very concerned about the victims. >> the pastors say shareff allman attends their services and they consider him to be a good friend and they plead would shareff allman to surrender. coming up, the police presence at shareff allman's home in san jose where ktvu's rita williams watched. >> we looked into the safety record of lehigh southwest cement company. cal-osha investigated 5 investigates that cupertino facility. they looked
today. two school days before this shocking event. using vague terms as an incident and derogatory note the letter does not come close to describing what happened. >> when you get a racial death threat, i think the professionals need to be called. >> the incident was that my daughter received a note at 11:45 saying [ bleep ] i'm going to get my dad's gun and kill you >> reporter: debero says it included a drawing of the girl being shot. >> the crime that is being investigated is called a terrorist threat. >> reporter: that's a felony and walnut creek police say they believe one or two of the victims classmates both fifth grade girls both made the note and left it on the desk. but they don't think anyone was in any danger. >> as far as you know, was there a gun at reach of these kids. >> i don't believe so, no. >> i'm outraged, totally outraged. >> reporter: the note was only half of the problem. >> i think the ball was dropped from the beginning. we weren't called as parents. the police were not called. >> reporter: police confirmed they were not called in the six hours after the event.
this afternoon the city issued a new notice notifying the protesters they must leave. protesters gave us a tour of the occupy location saying the city has no reason to kick them out. occupy oakland moved in ten days ago, this afternoon the city issued a second notice saying the occupiers have to go. >> our goal is to have the protesters leave peacefully. today we put them on notice this will no longer be allowed. >> reporter: there's been reports of rats, violence. >> we're not breaking the laws. this is the city, what would you rather have the drug dealers that were here. >> reporter: occupiers say they've been some issues of violence but say they've handled themselves rather than call police. >> the only conflicts here are within each other. and we deal with them internally. >> reporter: the occupiers brought in an independent inspector who gave the park a passing grade. and as for the rats, they say the rats were here before they arrived. as for the protesters, they have a rally planned here for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and a march at noon. we're live in oakland, christien kafton. >>> the occ
. >> it seems like they are going out of their way to like, to scare us and to intimidate us and it's like what do we do? like you know really i wasn't violent. i was totally not support any kind of violent protest. >> reporter: she was arrested early this morning along with 85 others for illegal camping though she said she wasn't staying in the plaza. hundreds from oakland and other agencies moved in before five to clear the camp. >> just demonstrating the extreme use of force that is used in instances like these. . >> reporter: they used tear gas. >> people who wanted to leave were given the opportunity to leave along with their property. we had about 30 that left without incident. as the officers moved in we ended up arresting about 75 people. >> reporter: we talked to the sheriff's department and officials say all the protesters are being cited and released, not held on the $10,000 bail until thursday as the protesters claimed. a few with warrants would be held longer. >> john thank you. from john we want to go to amber lee. she is on the phone. things seem to be heating up near 8th and
. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. >>> a family is asking for help in finding their loved one. the family reported her missing yesterday. the 29-year-old hasn't been seen since saturday night. if you have seen her call the san jose police department. >>> amanda knox is a free woman tonight. a court overturned her murder conviction. she wepped as the verdict was read. a jury acquitted her and raffaele sollecito today. experts cast doubt on dna evidence in the death of her roommate in 2007. amanda knox could return home to seattle as soon as tomorrow. >>> a homeowner made a discovery today in a neighborhood. the man found a world war ii mortar while cleaning his garage. police shut down the street and called the bomb squad. officials say they learned it was no longer reactive. the world's most famous athlete is coming to the bay area. new at 6:00. ktvu's robert handa is live where folks are already asking where is tiger woods. >> reporter: well, is tiger coming to town or is he already here? one thing
officers involved in a deadly shooting yesterday. he fired the shot that killed a man while they used their tasers during the incident. it happened yesterday morning in the back of the park side terrace apartments. police were responding to reports of a man acting suspiciously and say the man ignored orders to get out of the car. police haven't identified the suspect or said whether he had a weapon. >>> former sheriff's deputy says he paid his dues for the crash that killed two bike riders. ktvu's robert handa is live with the appeal that deputy is making and why. >> reporter: we are on stevens canyon road where the crash took place. the victim's families are upset the person responsible doesn't want to complete his sentence. >> reporter: he was on patrol in march 2008 when he fell asleep that wheel, crossed a double yellow line and crashed into two bikests -- bicyclists. now we learned counsel is asking a judge to shorten his sentanced. he pleaded guilty and he served four months of house aarrests, fulfilled 800 hours of community service and now wants his probation terminated eight
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under al and brought home two super bowls. >> [inaudible] mr. davis would want us to be up, everybody to be fired up about the season, about the organization. >> reporter: and he would have demanded a win. he never tires of putting up the same sign. >> what makes this weekend special is we will honor al davis. >> reporter: and so is the o. the diamond vision scoreboard where fans on sunday will see tributes. >> i feel blessedly be here. >> reporter: the party is being held across the street, at half time davis will be remembered and there will be a moment of silence after the national anthem. we have heard john madden will be on hand but officials wouldn't confirm. reporting live from oakland. >> some parents say they are upset their school is set to loose a kindergarten teacher. parents held signs of protest this morning. they say they just found the district wants to move it to a different school as soon as next week. the students would share a class with first graders. >> it affects the teacher that has to take in even more students because they have more responsibility. >>
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